Wait it Out

"A truly charming script with enormously likable characters. Dialogue is funny, particularly when the humor turns bitchy, yet the humor is wisely grounded in the serious issue of bullying, which earns its dramatic ending." - Blacklist Judge- 7 out of 10 stars

Magic Coffee Productions proposes an investment opportunity for the film "Wait It Out", a gay romantic comedy in the spirit of Romey and Michelle’s High School Reunion, The Broken Hearts Club and Trainwreck.


Dream Cast:

CAST of (main) Characters: Matt Porte: 30’s, super-fit, handsome in a ‘cute’ way, author of the upcoming memoir ‘Wait it Out’ and the online campaign of the same name. A former bullied kid, Matt has become a journalist at the monthly Magazine VOICES (think Village Voice or Creative Loafing) and is the current expert on LGBT discrimination issues. Matt spends his spare time researching new diet fads, posting selfies and working out.


Samantha Gardner: 30‘s, Matt’s college roommate, best friend and current roommate. Having just lost over 30 pounds, Sam is newly-hot and sowing her wild oats with Matt’s encouragement. Loving, kind and ultimately grounded, Sam’s hobbies include reading self-help books, browsing online dating sites and working, working and working.


Brad Sterns: 30’s, drop dead handsome/sexy, super fit. Recently out of the closet (mostly), Brad is a personal trainer at BAM Fitness where Sam works out. With a morally questionable past behind him, Brad is committed to being a loving, nice guy who not only does no harm in the world, but also heals and helps people through physical fitness. Hobbies include meditation, meeting new people and smiling.


Dianne Parks: (40’s to 50’s) owner and editor of VOICES magazine. A self made woman, Dianne has never met a challenge she didn’t have one, two or three solutions for (and why does she have to be the one to come up with them all?!). Not the most sensitive woman, Dianne is a bit out of her depth when it comes to the creative side of her business, but thats why she hires the best people. Her hobbies include market research, public relations and putting people in their places.


Jonathan Stump: (30’s) writer at VOICES magazine. Not at his Fire Island fighting weight, sarcastic and smart, Jonathan would be considered a ‘bear’ in the gay community if he ever left his apartment (aside from going to work.) Consistently overlooked, Jonathan’s hobbies include playing World of Warcraft (online), Dungeons and Dragons (online) and watching The Big Bang Theory (online.)


Star: (50’s to 60’s) African-American drag queen whose glory days are behind her. A consummate performer, Star know who to be in any moment. A fighter, Star has seen and done it all. She has also, unfortunately, put on a few pounds in the last few years which is why she is training at BAM with Brad. In Star’s spare time she volunteers at a soup kitchen, sews gowns and watches RuPaul's Drag Race.


Tom O’Brian: (30-40’s) Accountant at Sam’s PR firm but has dreams of becoming a pastry chef. Has had a distant crush on Sam for years but until recently, she didn’t notice him. In his spare time Tom attends cooking classes and reads fiction.



Coco Rushdie: (late teens, early 20’s. Genderless.) Hipster blogger, trend setter, member of the intelligencia. Very smart, and knows it. In her spare time…what fucking spare time? (you’re kidding, right?)


Drama Teacher (Cameo Role): (ageless) Gay savior, icon, faggotry warrior.





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